Agape Werks

AGAPÉ Werks’ mission is to empower parents to effectively serve the needs of children through education about giftedness and the educational system while simultaneously being equipped with the resources and skills to actively enrich the academic lives of children.

Our Goals...

1. Equip parents to nurture our children’s individual gifts and take personal responsibility to ensure their needs are met at home and at school.
2. Educate parents about giftedness, the associated unique educational, emotional, and social needs, and how to apply that knowledge for the benefit of all children.
3. Empower parents to help ensure high quality education through individual and group efforts.

Family based shared reading program that brings to life one book at a time through community-based activities, programs, and discussions.

Shared resources and services to recruit, train, support, and help sustain quality competition robotics teams.

Resources and services to empower families to enhance their student’s performance on high stakes standardized tests like the ISAT, ACT, PSAT, and SAT.

Family Gatherings.

Agape Werks
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